Mi 9 Power – How to Get Rid of This Common Flaw


The new Redmi Note 8 is now available in the markets and it comes with a power boost feature. The device has been launched by Mi electronics along with its sister phone powered by Windows operating system. It is very powerful and comes with a stunning beauty which can mesmerize your mind. The price of this device is more than its counterparts in other mobiles. If you want to buy Mi 9 Power online, then it will be best for you to do so as early as possible. Mi 9 Power

In the beginning, when the redmi 9 power came up in the market, it was lapped by the hands of the expert phone reviewers. They considered it as a dream machine and they also considered it to be better than all the phones existing in the market. They did not find any major flaw in the device and on the other hand, the buyers thought that it was perfect in every sense. However, after having used the device, the reviews were proved wrong and the Mi 9 was rated as the best smartphone in India.

It is one of the most efficient smartphones in the market and its advanced Android operating system has made it all the more powerful. The phone comes with the feature rich Android interface, high resolution camera, 3.2 megapixel straight camera, expandable memory, multi-tasking features, intuitive navigation bars, excellent battery life and many more. The most important thing that people must know before buying the redmi note is that there are many flaws present in the smartphone and these flaws have been seen in the reviews too.

Some of the things that the users must check out before buying the device are that there is no optical zoom, flash and the photo quality is low when you taking the images with the usual zoom feature of the phone. When it comes to the camera, there is no optical zoom and the photo quality is low as well. Another thing that people must check out is that there is no optical zoom and the image quality is very low when you take the images with the usual optical zoom feature of the phone.

While talking about the Mi 9 Power, the first things that people must be aware of are the two biggest flaws present in the device and these two are apps opening slowly and apps crashing all the time. If you open apps at random intervals, the performance of the smartphone would get affected badly. One of the biggest drawbacks of the handset is that it does not support the multitouch feature and this means that you can only use the keyboard to operate the apps on the phone. The apps on the handset are also suffering from numerous bugs and this is the reason why there are so many apps that have been developed for the Android platform only. The Mi9 Power suffers from the same apps problem and hence, the performance of the phone gets extremely affected when these apps are opened at random intervals.

Apart from the apps, another big flaw of the phone is that it has a very slow internal storage. This problem has been faced by a number of users and one of the reasons for this is that the boot speed of the device becomes extremely slow and the memory remains occupied with multiple apps that are being installed on the device. The boot speed can be improved by performing a factory reset. One can simply perform a factory reset by pulling out the SIM card and plugging it into a new telephone. You need to ensure that you do not perform any kind of modifications to the internal memory as this can affect the functioning of the device completely. Finally, if you want to get rid of the Mi 9 Power, you should go for a factory reset and then proceed to uninstall the software from the device.

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